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Here are some fun paintball games you can play.

Capture the Flag RequirementsTwo flag stations Two even teams Two flags, hung the other team's flag station Duration30 minutes RulesSee general rules. ObjectiveCapture the opposing teams flag and return it to your base. Charge of the Light Brigade RequirementsTwo flag stations Two even teams Two flags, hung the other team's flag station Duration20 minutes RulesSee general rules. ObjectiveHang your flag in the opponent's flag station. Shoot the Captain RequirementsTwo flag stations Two even teams Two flags, hung the other team's flag station The teams go to their flag stations. The captain is tied to one end of a 20ft long rope, while the other end is tied to a stationary object, such as a tree. Tie the rope to the captian's gun rather than him; to make it a little more interesting. A variation of this game is to give all the players only 20 paintballs, while the captain has as many as he wants. Duration30 minutes RulesThe Captian cannot untie the rope. If playing the variation where the captian's gun is tied instead of him, then the captain may abandon his gun, but may not use another gun. General rules 1,2, and 3 apply. ObjectiveEliminate the opposing team's captain. Duel RequirementsTwo players to be the duelests; they must have the same kind of pistol. A third person to be the Warder A clear area Durationless than a minute RulesTwo players stand back to back. The Warder stands about 10 feet to the side. The two players are armed with pistols, each with only 1 paintball in it, ready to fire. The Warder counts to ten as the two players start pacing away from each other. At the count of ten, the players fire. The paintball must break to count. The duelests may not lie down, but may kneel. No other rules apply. ObjectiveThe duelest who survives wins. Attack and Defend RequirementsTwo teams; one is the attacker; the other is the defender. An area to be the flag station. Set boundaries that limit the defender's movement around the flag station. Duration10 minutes RulesDefenders cannot leave the assigned flag station area. Attackers may attack from anywhere on the field. General Rules 1,2, and 3 apply. ObjectiveAttackers: take the flag. Defenders: stop the attackers from taking the flag. Annihilator RequirementsMultiple five man teams The limit is four teams per every acre of playing area Place the teams so they cannot see each other from their locations. Each team should have a referee and each team should have a different color of paint. Duration30-45 minutes RulesTeams stay at starting locations until the game begins. Teams get points for each elimination they do to another team. There are no points for surviving members of the team. General rules 1,2, and 3 apply. ObjectiveSurvive and be the team with the highest score at the end of the game. Blackjack RequirementsTwo flag stations Two even teams Two flags, hung in opponent's flag stations. Each player is limited to 21 paintballs. Duration30 minutes RulesPlayers are not allowed to share paintballs. Players who shoot all their paintballs must leave the game immediately All general rules apply ObjectiveCapture the opposing team's flag and return it to your base.